No Job Too Small

I specialize in existing residential painting, (ultimately this means you can trust me with the finer aspects of working in a furnished home-and with your house keys) especially small jobs.

What does this mean to you?

Many times you may just want a room, such as a bathroom painted that might only cost $75-150. If you call me I'll be happy to show up and if contracted do the work.

This can't always be said for the larger contractors in town.


Many of the large contractors need to contract several thousand dollars a week to make payroll and stay in business. So your small job "isn't worth their time". I've been told several times by past customers that before calling me they called other contractors that made an appointment to look at their project and then never bothered to show up or call them back.

All Interior Rooms:




Painting a whole room or just the walls is the ultimate cleaning and protection. Upgrading from cheap non washable builder's paint that comes off on your rag when you clean is usually a must for most people at some point.

With a little color a room can be completely transformed. 

Many times when I get hired to paint a room the customer ends up adding more rooms-sometimes the whole house because the positive effects of fresh interior painting are powerful-especially if a person hasn't experienced it for several years.

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished

Painting outdated stained cabinets (brown is just not a great color) can be one of the best home improvement projects because of the many benefits it brings.

This project can update the home, make a kitchen brighter, feel bigger, and harmonize appliances and mainstay elements such as floors and counter-tops. If done correctly this project brings the most bang for the buck. You can get the same look as expensive new cabinets for a fraction of a fraction of the cost.

Wallpaper Removal

The large majority of the time wallpaper removal is not easy! Yes, sometimes people get lucky and it comes off real easy. However most of the time it's an involved, messy,  time consuming project that if not done right or rushed will devalue the home and leave embarrassing end results.

The real key to professional results is to get EVERY bit of the glue off the walls before repainting.

Most homeowners are so aggravated by the time they get to this part (especially after damaging the walls repeatedly with their paint scraper) they ease up on their efforts-or skip this part almost entirely not realizing how important it is!

Really, do yourself a favor and hire this project out.

Drywall Repairs

At some point minor to major drywall repairs become a fact of life due to many factors.

Roofs leaking causing drywall damage, plumbing work aftermath, moving walls/doorways, doorknobs creating holes, getting rid of old problematic popcorn, and adding a specialty texture to accentuate an accent wall to name just a few.

These repairs/upgrades take experience and skill to be done correctly.

All Exterior Surfaces


Regardless of what type of exterior surfaces you have on your home, at some point, usually fairly often, you'll need to re-finish them.

Yes, even vinyl siding has specially formulated paint to be re-coated because many homeowners are realizing this "maintenance free" product fades very badly after several years (not many things stand up to the sun and weather exposure for a real long time).

The standard wood products on your home need to keep a quality coating maintained on them. If not you will quickly get basic peeling and left too long end up with all kinds of problems eventually leading to rot and replacement.

Regular painting costs are much cheaper than replacement carpentry costs.

Using color to harmonize mainstay architectural and surrounding elements of your home such as the roof, trim or a flowering tree
can completely transform your house’s look and curb appeal dramatically.


Power-washing your vinyl siding and/or all your surrounding cement is the ultimate cleaning, looks really good, and will keep your relationship and reputation in good standing with family, friends, and neighbors.


It keeps the neighborhood looking nice and clean. Also entertaining outside during most of the year is a given-and nobody likes to look at, eat, or hang out around filthy, dirty, algae covered surfaces.

Yes you could do this project yourself but I highly advise against it.


It takes skill and experience to have a good grasp of all the variables that go into this project to get it to turn out well.

For example, having the right ladders and experience to use them safely is important. As well as a properly rated strength power-washer,tip, and cleaner  for the surface. I could go on, but just trust me this project is usually much cheaper to hire out to be done every two or three years than trying to buy the right equipment to do it yourself.

Deck Re-Finishing

Having a deck can bring great benefits, especially when entertaining guests-but it needs to stay maintained.

The proper power-washing and preparation before staining is crucial to get a "magazine" look.

I take great pride in re-finishing decks. Many times my customers comment on how great the finished product is. They admit even after doing the project themselves several times my results are far superior to theirs.

Almost Anything You've Seen That Inspires You

Get some home décor magazines, surf the web, take home every paint brochure from the paint store/paint section and get inspired.

My painting/coating skills and experience are quite extensive. I can reproduce just about anything you see on a professional level.

Many times after I’ve finished a paint project for a homeowner that comes out great they tell me I should have taken pictures so people can get an idea of what I do and the quality of my work. That is a good idea but I’m usually too concerned with getting the WORK done-taking time to take pictures is usually not high on my priority list.

However I always explain to them to tell others the same thing I’m communicating here. Get inspired and understand that I can reproduce just about anything on a high quality professional level.

Realize however that many times those awe inspiring paint projects shown on commercials and brochures take much more work, experience, and skill than they make it out to be-a great reason to hire me to do it for you