Why Should You Use A Professional Paint Contractor's Services?

There are many great benefits:

  • The Ultimate Cleaning
  • Protection From The Elements: Regular Painting Costs Are Much More Affordable Than Carpentry Costs That May Be Needed Due To Rotting Exterior Surfaces
  • Investment: Can increase home’s value
  • The key component in decorating
  • Shows your personality
  • Harmonizes furnishings
  • Highlights prized possessions
  • Accentuates architectural elements
  • Updates home

Also changing your environment with color can have a positive dramatic impact on your moods and emotions due to color psychology. For example:

  • Reds stimulate conversation
  • Blues are soothing and reduce excitability
  • Greens are peaceful and relaxing
  • Yellows are cheerful and draw attention
  • Tans are warm and inviting
  • Pastels are spacious and airy

Do Any Of This Stuff Yourself, Why Should You Hire A Professional?

  • Fully-Equipped & Experienced-Saves you time, money, and hassle: In many instances you can have your project done for as much or less than the cost of buying the proper equipment needed to complete the job. Also if you're not experienced using large ladders hiring the work done is much "safer" for you (falling off a ladder is painful and can be costly due to medical costs, etc.).
  • Time-Can get the project done quickly: Even small to medium sized painting projects can take many hours. I can put the hours in consistently during the day while you may need to break the hours down over a long period of time due to your "day job".
  • Guaranteed Craftsmanship-Ensures fine lines for a “magazine” look: I have a saying that "everybody is a painter". What I mean by this is that most everyone has done one to many painting projects in their life. With that in mind I often hear how "good" people tell me they are at painting. At the risk of sounding conceded I posses much skill when it comes to painting services. With this in mind I highly doubt you will get the same high quality results doing a project yourself that you would if you hire me.